Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic 2018 Associate Architect 1Z0-337 Exam Details:

? Exam Title: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic 2018 Associate Architect
? Exam Code: 1Z0-337
? Exam Price: $245.00 More on exam pricing
? Format: Multple Choice
? Duration: 100 Minutes
? Number of Questions: 60
? Passing Score: 70%
? Validated Against: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic
? 1Z0-337 practice test:
? 1Z0-337 sample questions:
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic 2018 Certified Associate Architect Certification Overview
An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Classic Associate Architect has shown the information forced to specify, architect, implement applicable Oracle Infrastructure like a Service services/solutions. Individuals who are earning this certification are able to explain, deploy, configure, and utilize Oracle Infrastructure like a Service.

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1Z0-337 Exam Topics
Our certification exams are revised regularly to align with training and product release updates. Details about exam revisions and new topics are simply here under 'Validated Statement' and inside the exam topics below. Certifications reflect validated skills for year and product release version date of feat. In case you are get yourself ready for this exam, we suggest you check these topics periodically to make sure your exam prep covers any new topics which may be added depending on regular exam revision.
? Oracle the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Solution Overview
? Oracle Compute Cloud and Dedicated Compute Cloud Service Deployment
? Oracle Network Cloud Services Deployment
? OCI-C Networking
To ensure that you get ready for the 1Z0-337 - Oracle OCI Classic Associate Architect certification, along with content covered in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Learning Subscription, you should have hands-on job or industry experience with architecting or implementing cloud infrastructures, or equivalent practice in labs or test environments
? Product Area Features and Functions for Technical Individuals
? Oracle Storage Cloud and Storage Cloud Archive Service Deployment
? Oracle IaaS Application
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